Fishing Reel
The is the Player card for the game called Fishing

What is Fishing ??

Fishing is a mostly Luck type game but with a hint of strategy
(don't worry, it can be played as pure luck)

Think of it as a Cross between Slingo & Minesweeper <g>

How to Play ~ Its simple.
The Host sends you fish Stocks, you grab this and you click the coloured area's to try to land a fish.
RED is the hardest area (but with highest rewards), BLUE medium & GREEN easiest (Lowest rewards).

When the timer starts - GET Fish.
The little square on the lower right will tell you how many times you can Cast HOWEVER the following can happen...

You get an Octopus without a Boot... Opps, you just lost EVERYTHING that round
Your lines snaps - you get to keep everything that round, but your turn is over.

You catch a fish (points show up on your card),
You get an Octopus with a boot - The boot kicks him out of the game !
JP Coin (If active) this will help you win any JP the host may have

At the end of every round - if you right click on "Get Fish" - you can see where all the fish were.

Current Version is v1.01
1. Added new sound when Getting Fish Stocks
2. Fixed bug when resetting sounds
3. Added warning when getting fish again for same round

Download Installer
FishingCardSetup.exe - v1.01